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The "consultation" with Wokingham Borough Council has now ended, after only two "live" public meetings, and a couple of online meetings where opportunities to ask questions were, frankly, very limited. The online consultation itself was also very opaque, with obscure language, obtuse questions and every effort made it seems to discourage residents from responding.
However, SOLVE Hall Farm continue to object to the imposition of 4500 houses on an area that has already borne the brunt of Wokingham's housing need (97% of housing in the past 10 years in the South of the Borough, only 3% in the North).

As well as suggesting better alternative sites for the houses, for example at Twyford or Ashridge where transport links are better, we are currently working hard with the University of Reading on alternatives for less environmentally damaging, more sustainable and more community oriented plans for the Loddon Valley/Hall Farm site. 
Please join us and help save this much valued landscape, farmland, heritage, biodiversity and ancient woodland from destruction by greedy developers.

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