We are now trying to raise £5,000

We raised £500 to start the campaign to save Hall Farm from being developed for housing. We are now trying to raise a further £5,000 to continue the campaign to protect the unique heritage and natural environment that has been a part of the local community since Saxon times.

You can donate money towards this target by clicking on the "just giving" button below.

So far we have used the money we have raised for two public meetings held at Arborfield Village Hall. Two sets of A5 information booklets that have been circulated across the South of the Borough. Posters and Banners, and of course this website.

Much of what we do is "free" in that it depends on the goodwill and voluntary activities of our members.

Time spent pushing leaflets through doors, or even just adding your voice to the many now making themselves heard on Social Media is every bit of helpful to the campaign as money.

Thank you to all our supporters ;-) Keep up the good work, you ARE making a difference and WE CAN win!