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A bad smell at Shute End?

Actually, it's not just a bad smell. Several things really STINK! Bad enough that Conservative Leader of Wokingham Borough Council John Halsall represents an area of the Borough he is actively involved in protecting : "Campaign to protect Wokingham's Green Belt, prime agricultural land & green spaces between settlements, and to provide the right homes in the right places". But now it comes to light that the timing of this "Campaign" is carefully chosen to exclude us, the poor foolish voters who were somehow duped into putting him into power!

Look at the timings of the so called "Consultation" on the imposition of ANOTHER 4,500 houses at "Loddon Valley Garden Village" SDL on top of the 3,500 houses already accepted at "Arborfield Green" SDL.

Elections in May 22 (no decision) and none in 2023 (Public Inquiry) followed by May 2023 Elections (No decision) before the official decision is known in Summer 2023.

Great timing! Perfect if you want to push through a difficult decision without the voters getting a vote!

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