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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

WBC's Revised Growth Strategy:

"Without effective planning policies there would be no control or influence over where and how new housing and other types of development take place. This could lead to housing being allowed in poor locations, being of lower quality, and in places where infrastructure cannot be improved to help deal with the impacts such as pressures on roads, schools and community facilities. The lack of control and coordination is also likely to lead to more housebuilding across the borough which is developer driven".

Stephanie Barwise QC, a lawyer representing victims of the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster:

"Grenfell was a predictable, yet unintended consequence of a combination of the laudable desire to reduce carbon emissions coupled with an unbridled passion for deregulation."

She alleged that the coalition government allowed itself to become a "junior partner" to the building industry, ignoring "exploitation" of the building regulations for profit.

"Government's response on realising the extent of the problem was to react by concealment instead of candour," she said.

"The result is a prolonged period of concealment by government, which should properly be regarded as one of the major scandals of our time".

Did we ever get a satisfactory answer to this local disaster?:

No, but a quick search on the internet reveals huge concern over the quality of new build homes. Like this example:

We are supposed to welcome this?

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