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It has been brought to our attention that copies of the A3 Poster are being "Fly posted" around the Hall Farm area.

They are appearing on Private Property, such as within the grounds of Arberleigh Angling Club, attached to Highways Signage and have even been stuck to Public Notice Boards, obscuring the notices within. This is not an acceptable use of our intellectual property and is bringing the good reputation of SOLVE Hall Farm into question.

Please DO NOT use our posters or literature anywhere that you do not have the permission of the owners to use.

If you have been posting on unauthorised locations it would be appreciated if you could remove them. Thank you.

In the interests of transparency I am putting a very basic balance sheet here to show what money has been collected and what it has been spent on. If you have any questions please email them.

If you want to donate please use the link below.

ANY MONEY COLLECTED WILL BE USED FOR LEGAL FEES AND PUBLICITY. If we have anything left after our campaign closes I am open to suggestions. Celebration party? Gift to charity? Commemorative mug? T Shirt? If you have any suggestions please email them. THANKS :-) Paul Stevens

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