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As mentioned in a previous Blog I want to try and communicate directly with students of the University of Reading. I'm doing this for a number of reasons:

* Reading University claims to want to be the "Greenest University in the UK"

* To many of their students this may seem to be a credible ambition.

* To those of us living near Hall Farm and faced with the prospect of thousands more houses this is simply ludicrous.

* Developing houses on the green fields of Hall Farm will impose on the area yet more cars and yet more pollution in an area that is already under serious stress from development.

* Diverse natural habitats will inevitably be destroyed in the process.

* The University have made no effort to discuss any of this with local communities.

* Wokingham Borough Council, their partners in this, have given a weeks notice for a meeting to be held at 7.00 pm on a Friday night.

* This is what constitutes "consultation"?

You can follow me on Twitter at Roderick Stevens@green4grow

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