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We have previously featured a flyer distributed by the Wokingham Conservative Association when they came out in opposition to building 4500 houses at Hall Farm. Now it is the turn of the Wokingham Liberal Democrats.

Admittedly the concerns are centred mainly around the Maiden Erlegh Ward, but it is good to read that at least some of the local politicians are prepared to stand up to the nonsense being churned out by the Conservative Executive at Wokingham Borough Council.

Previously the local Lib' Dem's have started a petition against the ridiculous number of houses being foisted onto Boroughs such as Wokingham by National Government. Now they are openly stating their opposition to the development at Hall Farm

I look forward to reading more about what our prospective elected representatives will be doing to preserve our countryside here in the South of the Borough, and I look forward to publishing them too! If you have had an "interesting" bit of Electioneering pushed through your letterbox please do share it ;-)

Meanwhile Gary Cowan, Independent candidate for Arborfield, is definitely opposed to the Hall Farm development and has written about it on our Blog. Jim Frewin is another Independent, opposed to more houses and represents Shinfield. Jim is not up for re election this time around, but Gary is. These are the kind of representatives we want, for one simple reason: THEY LISTEN ;-)

Speaking of Election material pushed through letter boxes I also received a letter about changes to the Electoral Process. I am sure you have got one too, or will do soon, but what does it mean? I am still making up my mind but clearly it has the potential to change things in a big way. Which is why TRUST (or the lack of it) is so important.

Whoever you vote for, make it count!

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1 Comment

Hayley Kearey
Hayley Kearey
Mar 31, 2022

When you have got your head around the proposed changes to the electoral process, could you write an article on it an explain? Curious to know why there are only two options that don't seem to be much different, when surely there must be another option... One seems to be slightly beneficial in that it saves money but democracy should not be bought or sold with the cost of having a voice, using it and allowing for change. But I, like you, haven't got my head around it yet at all, I am just learning. 😊

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