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Questions for Wokingham Borough Council

Ahead of the Extraordinary Executive meeting to be held at Shute End at 7.00 pm it is perhaps worth trying to co ordinate the questions that we need WBC to answer regarding the plans for development at Hall Farm.

* I will be asking why WBC have chosen to ignore the Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan which specifically seeks to preserve the gap between settlements and clearly states a desire for building on brownfield over greenfield sites.

We only get one question each, but other questions I understand are already being asked include:

* Why are WBC not building in areas such as Hurst, which are equally suitable?

* How important to the decision was being able to deal with one, very willing, landowner?

Questions that still need answering, if you have not yet submitted a question:

* How many houses are planned for Hall Farm?

* What impact does the P.M.s commitment to stop building on greenfield sites at the Tory Party Conference have on these plans?

* Why should residents believe promises of infrastructure building when we are still waiting for the medical centre, community centre, supermarket and pub promised as part of the SDL at Arborfield Garrison?

* Why are you not using greenfield sites to plant trees and grow food, and brownfield sites to build houses, purposes for which they are clearly better suited?

* Given the voter backlash over destruction of the countryside in the Amersham and Chesham by-election are Wokingham politicians concerned they may loose their seats?

* How does this development proposal (Yet more housing in the South East) help with the government "Levelling up" agenda?

You can submit questions online here:

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