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SOLVE Hall Farm

Save Our Loddon Valley Environment at Hall Farm have started to distribute flyers around the Hall Farm area encouraging people to attend the drop in event at Arborfield Village Hall on Sunday 12th December from 9 am to 4 pm. We hope to be able to present some alternatives to the "Loddon Valley Garden Village" which as you are probably already aware is a euphemism for "vast housing estate that stretches from Reading to Wokingham". One idea I am very keen to develop is that of a community farm where residents of the wider area can buy fresh organic food that has not been given a huge carbon footprint before I even open the packaging by being driven over here from Spain or wherever. It is a big project, I do not kid myself it is an easy idea to sell. It will take a lot of hard work, never mind the money, blood and tears required. But it can be done. I know this because it has been done before:

If we don't come up with a viable alternative then this is what Reading University and Wokingham Borough Council together with their mates in construction might just get away with doing:

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