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When is Green not green?

"Wokingham Borough Council has started the process to allocate the next phase of housing to be built up to 2036, and HALL FARM is amongst sites under consideration for major development of some 4,500 new homes. As residents, we have the opportunity to not only object to this use of precious GREENFIELD land, but to influence the council to build the right homes in the right places for the benefit of local people, many of whom can no longer afford property prices here.

We are working with a top legal team to prevent development here. However of course the next questions is: if not on Greenfields, then where? So the second aim of the campaign is to promote a new approach to planning – the Forward Plan for Wokingham – which addresses the housing needs and obligations in a far more resident-focused way, and will also help to preserve the character of the area and tackle many of the issues – including affordability and traffic – associated with the current large greenfield developments which have dominated recent borough planning".

The key point about the text above is I did not write it! I have changed the words and numbers in bold italics only. It is taken from here:

It is written about Ruscombe in the North of the Borough not the Hall Farm area in the South.

Down here we cannot afford a "top legal team", we don't have the privilege of living in an area nominated as "greenbelt" so the "resident focussed" approach, apparently, doesn't apply to us! Affordability and Traffic are only a problem if you live in the posh bits of Wokingham? Down here we can just put up with it? SHAME ON YOU JOHN HALSALL! Our green fields are every bit as important as your Greenbelt, in fact more so, because we have already had massive housing development amounting to many thousands of new houses at Shinfield and Arborfield Green, with all the attendant pressure on services and infrastructure. As Councillor Gary Cowan points out in his comment on the previous post, only 11 houses planned for Hurst and 34 in the past 10 years! TALK ABOUT RANK HYPOCRISY!

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