The petition linked to above is now hosted on We have checked with Wokingham Borough Council and they will accept this as counting towards our overall target of 1,500 signatures by 22/12/2022. The process of signing should now be much easier, with just a single click to show you agree with our petition: "We the undersigned petition Wokingham Borough Council to not include any significant housing development at Hall Farm as part of its Local Plan Update"

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An introduction to the issues

  • Hall Farm is a Greenfield site.

  • There is virtually no infrastructure on site. Roads, sewage, power, communication and transport infrastructure will all need to be put in.

  • The distance from major shopping centres and easy access to the M4 is likely to encourage even more private car use.

  • Other sites that could be used for housing are being ignored despite having better access to infrastructure.

  • This proposal will remove the remaining separation between major settlements at Shinfield  Arborfield and Winnersh.

  • Arborfield and Shinfield both have Neighbourhood Plans that are supposed to help guide development and which this proposal chooses to ignore.

  • 97% of housing development over the past 10 years has been in the South of the Borough. Only 3% is in the North.

  • There is no local need for these houses, the existing provision at the Garrison SDL was considered by the Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan to be sufficient until 2036. More people, more cars and more pressure on schools and medical services will result if this proposal goes ahead.

  • The "climate emergency" is likely to make flooding worse yet much of this site is flood plain. The act of building will make the flooding worse (from excess water run off when previously absorbent green fields get built on).

  • Some of this site is below a Category A Dam at Bearwood Lake creating even more flood risk

  • Contrary to claims by WBC that Green Belt cannot be built on, it can. You do have to make a special case for it, but it can be done.

  • The promised infrastructure at the Garrison SDL has still not been delivered, 5 years after the houses were built. Why should we believe this proposal will be any better?

  • Jobs are cited as being part of the deal but the exemplar Studios at Shinfield have already been given the go ahead, without any need for additional houses.

  • More houses in the South East benefits nobody more than the developers. More "affordable" housing could be built elsewhere in the country. This is about putting profits before people.

  • Britain needs to grow more of its own food and import less. Food security matters!

  • The richness of the biodiversity on the site is incalculable. No amount of develop "mitigation" can bring it back if it gets built over. Once it is gone it is gone for ever.

  • The building work will cover two plan periods, meaning construction work will be taking place over at least thirty years.

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