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On your bike?

Great to hear that cycling and walking are to get a boost from the UK Government, supported by Olympic Gold Medallist Chris Boardman:

However, as always there is a slight catch. The roads around here (Arborfield and Newland) are terrifying! The number of huge lorries hurtling down Mole Road or along the Eversley Road (just two examples, I'm sure we can all think of more) at speed is getting worse every day :-( To take a bike out on the roads around here is to take your life in your hands.

Yes, "active travel" is a great thing, but it needs separate bike lanes and footpaths, which in a rural area like this are few and far between. I know, the LPU has "promised" lots of new infrastructure, including footpaths and cycle paths. But a) Do I believe the hype? and b) At my age (call me comfortably retired) do I really want to get on my bike? To be honest with my Arthritis I don't think I can even get my leg over the saddle any more.

What is needed is a clean, green, modern public transport system. Building on the side of Twyford would be far more compliant with the requirements of this new government agency than building at Hall Farm.

The good news is that this new body will be a statutory consultee on major planning applications to ensure that the largest new developments properly cater for pedestrians and cyclists. The bad news is that Wokingham Borough Council do not appear to be good listeners.

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