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Where next with the campaign?

The "Just Giving" donation page has reached £190 of the £500 target. This is an excellent start, thank you very much those that gave your support, it really is most welcome :-)

I am now thinking about some A5 flyers for distribution locally letting people know about the proposals and a large banner that could be hung in a prominent position or taken to demonstrations.

I also think about tweeting on the Reading University Twitter feed. I think this will be a highly effective way to reach RU students who may be less than pleased to discover how the university is behaving. What makes me think this? Well, here are a few choice quotes from the RU mission statement:

"We are committed to play our part in tackling climate change and are recognised as a University that leads on global environmental sustainability".

"Our world-leading research strengths in climate change and environmental science are a critically important way we can deliver change in the world. We also have a long-standing commitment to align these research strengths with the management of our finances, our estate and our community. We have already made huge strides but we must be ambitious in our commitment to using our research strengths to inform our actions".

"To fulfil our long-term ambition to be the greenest university in the UK, we will lead by example and commit to genuine carbon neutrality by 2030".

"We work with partners in a coordinated way to play a positive role in the social, cultural, environmental and economic life of our local communities".

"The University is a major economic and cultural contributor to Reading, Wokingham and the Thames Valley. Our presence has an impact on the people who live around us, and sometimes that impact can be negative".

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Judith Stevens
Judith Stevens
Nov 08, 2021

why is Wokingham wanting to build more houses when the social and health needs of the existing community are not being met and there is more need to live sustainable where it is possible .Judy

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